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Go inside shoppers’ minds; then go further. If you think that paying lip service to customer needs will keep them coming back for more? Think again.

It’s no longer good enough to be customer-centric; you must be a customer-obsessed. If it sounds a little daunting, don’t worry. Our service offering is designed to take you inside the shopper’s mind and give you the tools to respond accordingly.

Go inside shoppers’ minds.

Then go further.

Strategic Framework

Our approach starts with listening to and watching shoppers, as well as consolidating all your existing insights.


We then develop strategies that take into consideration all touchpoints and assets on the shopper journey.

Where appropriate, our partners are brought in to assist with the implementation.

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Core Services

We are committed to driving value by better understanding shoppers and their behaviour, and responding with  commercially viable strategy. We do this via our toolbox.

  • Research design, execution, and analysis

  • Shopper strategy

  • Retail strategy

  • Training and development

  • Design Thinking 
  • Workshop facilitation

Specialist Partners 

We work with entrepreneurs who are specialists in their respective fields (and equally passionate about shoppers).

  • Brand strategy

  • Retail design

  • Planogram design

  • Neuroscience

  • Eye tracking & in-store filming

  • Digital strategy

  • Virtual & Augmented Reality/ Artificial Intelligence

  • Advanced data analytics

  • Shopper communities

  • Creative execution 


“ Customers don't just want to shop: they want to feel that the brand understands them.   Mikey Drexeler 
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