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The Covid-19 Advertising Playbook

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

So it seems to me that many agencies are working off the same Covid-19 playbook. The big advertising budgets follow, and the end result is big brands all floating in a sea of sameness. Surely, at a time when agencies should be working hard on winning the hearts and minds of their clients, and their clients' customers, a little differentiation would go a long way?

Equally disturbing is the number of emails I receive from brands, who tell me that they are there for me when I haven't had any interaction with them for many years. Worse still, are the brands, who I have no recollection of ever engaging with, yet feel the need to tell me that they are now 'there for me'.

Brands that stand out in these trying times are those that communicate a clear sense of purpose and who cater to a specific emotive or functional customer need; all done in their own unique brand voice. What are your standout brands, and what have they done to capture your attention?

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